Updating Your Email Signature

Updating Your Email Signature

We were recently hired by a client to update their email signatures. They felt their signature had gotten “stale” and wanted to something more exciting. This usually has us excited as we dive into brainstorming and generating creative ideas. However, I quickly realized there were some potholes in the creative road ahead.

1. Avoid making your signature one image– It’s tempting since you have total control over the design but it increases the size of the email and might not appear in everyone’s inbox. If you’re using a graphic, limit it to 50×50 pixels

2. Don’t make it too long. Include just the facts and keep it short and concise

3. Include pertinent contact information. If you never use Skype but have an account, don’t include it. If you’re active on twitter make sure you provide your handle. Rather than typing the entire handle, screen grab a shot of the social media logo and attach a hyperlink that goes right to your page.

4. Consider a call to action, if it’s appropriate. Maybe you’re going to attend a trade show– let people know where and when.

5. Don’t include your v card. It adds to the message size and often is an attachment that needs to be opened by the reader which means they might “miss” it.

6. Don’t add “PC” information. None of us like wasting paper but we don’t need a lecture about printing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 8.23.27 AM

7. Share your brand personality. Your brand signature should reflect the personality of your organization. If you’re a buttoned up firm, an animated scales of justice won’t fly. But if you’re a toy store, you can have more fun with this space.

Here’s mine…Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 8.17.03 AM